Urgently Required Custom Made Panel PCs Supplied in Record Time. 

The APC Technology head office & manufacturing centre operates in one location, with all our capabilities and services based in Adelaide at our cutting-edge facility. This includes sales, engineering, manufacturing, testing, additive manufacturing and warehousing departments. A single site facility offers our customers an array of benefits and one notable advantage is the ability to work collaboratively in person and address requirements in a timely manner across all departments. 

Recently we were given the opportunity to support a leading Australian provider of specialist electrical solutions with an urgent requirement for a custom solution that needed to meet a specific resolution to match their software program. The project was for a control room installation that was due to be commissioned by the end of 2017.

They had originally contacted their regular supplier who quoted an 8 week turn around which would impact the overall project.  APC Technology took the initial enquiry on December 6th. Within 12 working days our design team had completed CAD drawings, created a prototype, sourced components, manufactured the units and shipped them for installation on December 21st.

The client was delighted with the speed and communication delivered by APC Technology during the project. They were able to meet their own deadline and have received positive feedback on the display’s performance and build. 

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