Adelaide based designer & manufacturer APC Technology has completed the supply of custom designed and manufactured military grade displays for BAE Systems. BAE Systems currently provides through life support for the navigation trainer project (NTP) which the ADF use for RAAF Air Combat Officer and Navy Aviation Warfare Officer training.

BAE Systems required APC Technology to replace obsolete displays that were part of the airborne navigation trainer (ANT) systems, which are installed in Beechcraft B300 aircraft based at RAAF East Sale (VIC). The 19” displays needed to meet military standards including rapid decompression from 10,000ft to 35,000ft as well as overpressure to 15,000ft, in accordance with RTCA DO-160D.

John Hopf, NTP and MSSC Project Lead at BAE Systems commented, “We approached APC Technology to design & manufacture the displays for the navigation trainer project (NTP) as we have worked with them on numerous projects and are impressed with their “can do” attitude. The design of the replacement displays involved a number of challenges and we needed to use a company who could meet those demands. APC Technology provides a high level of professionalism and the ability to think out of the box, coming up with innovative solutions to unexpected issues which often occur on sustainment projects.”

The replacement monitor that APC Technology designed had to meet a strict set of parameters in terms of physical dimensions, connectivity, power consumption and weight. The monitor design met or exceeded all required parameters, and provided power and weight savings that are desirable in smaller aircraft. Changes in weight and balance can result in extra engineering work, so APC Technology provided an option for the monitor which incorporated a weight plate that could be securely sandwiched between the unit and the console to maintain the weight of the obsolete monitor. Although the option was not taken up, it illustrated a novel solution which could have overcome a weight and balance issue, whilst maintaining all certification properties of the displays.

John further commented, “The displays supplied by APC Technology will assist in maintaining the training capabilities for Number 1 Flying School until the system’s end of life. It’s great to see such excellent work and product quality originating out of a local Australian business. “

“We have worked on an array of projects with BAE Systems enabling us to demonstrate our expertise and ability to meet criteria, budgets and deadlines”, said Scott Begbie, Managing Director of APC Technology. “This latest contract further cements our relationship with one of Australia’s leading prime contractors.”


About BAE Systems Australia
Since 1953, we have worked purposefully to create a unique domestic capability that is today an integral part of a stronger, more sovereign Australian industry, and one that is better able to deliver the unique solutions the nation needs. We are Australia’s most versatile defence and security company. We offer the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and our security customers total capability in vital areas such as through-life support, security, logistics and systems integration.

About APC Technology
Incorporated in 1984, APC Technology has long been regarded as a leader in the design and manufacture of cost effective, customised rugged hardware solutions. APC Technology designs and manufactures state of the art computer/control technology packages for industrial and military clients who have critical applications where failure is not an option. For more information visit

Image courtesy of BAE Systems Australia: Two NTP ANT Student Consoles installed in RAAF B300 aircraft with the new APC monitors.

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