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APC Technology has proactively invested in rapid prototyping capabilities to significantly accelerate time-to-market for our clients. We can simulate production using a range of technologies including lasering and 3D printing to enable clients to evaluate product feasibility. However last week, we found ourselves in the unusual situation where our prototyping hub became an integral part of the manufacturing process to ensure a client would receive their mine site control systems within the specified timeline.

For larger scale production APC Technology typically partners with our local South Australian supplier to laser cut stainless steel enclosures. Due to unforeseen circumstances the supplier experienced a factory wide shut down resulting in an inability to meet our deadline. Our engineering & manufacturing groups teamed up to investigate alternative solutions and decided rather than risk using an unknown supplier opted to add an extra production step within our own manufacturing facilities in Adelaide. Our industrial laser went into overtime combined with our dedicated technicians to ensure all the units met the custom specifications and the build time could remain on schedule.

Forty five control systems are currently in the final stages of build and will ship this week with another 30 to be completed- all within the customer’s time scale.

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