After extensive testing of its capabilities and in-house training of staff, the laser is now being integrated into the manufacturing cycle.

APC Technology made the significant equipment investment with the aim of reducing production turn around on a number of key product lines by enabling elements of the build processes to be completed in-house rather than through third parties.

Additionally the laser will benefit clients with custom solutions. One of the first laser projects currently in progress with a mining company has involved taking one of their custom designed solutions and completing an array of lasering tasks that previously required external resources to be engaged as part of the build.


Previously the labels on the ‘box’ were sub-contracted to a supplier who lasered directly onto a metal plate based on drawing supplied by APC Technology. The lead time for the job typically took 2-4 weeks. To ensure economies of scale, larger quantities were ordered to reduce cost and to ensure the part was in stock when required. Our in-house laser can now complete the task within 30 minutes and it is completed directly onto the product rather than requiring the additional step of tasking manufacturing to adhere the plate in the factory. In the future, there is also the option for the customer to request adjustments to the labelling format without incurring new costs to have updated plates made externally.

Location of Connectors

Previously the enclosure for this client would require the location, shape and size of the connectors to be lasered off-site based on drawing specifications from APC Technology. This incurred a production delay time whilst being managed by a 3rd party. All aspects of this process can now be completed with the in-house laser. For the client they can benefit from a shorter lead time but also the option to order in smaller numbers without incurring higher costs.

Company Branding

Currently we have a number of customers who include their logo on products. This has incurred substantial charges notably on low production numbers due to the set up and production run by third party suppliers. With the in-house laser, our trained staff are able to manage the addition of logos as an integrated part of the manufacturing process. Though currently it is an optional extra, the time and expenditure to clients has been reduced making it a more achievable addition for many clients. 


Our in-house laser capabilities has enabled APC Technology to offer a cost &  time effective means to test drive new layouts on 3d printed or metal work enclosures, providing an avenue to create working mock ups for clients to test on site and key stakeholders to interact with. This offers the possible benefits of discovering issues or improvements at the design stage and the ability to remedy these before production.

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