ET4255-HL Hazardous Location

The KBIM2-IS is a full QWERTY PC keyboard with integral mouse for use in industrial environments. The unit is intrinsically safe, protected via safety barriers and is suitable for use in Zone 0 hazardous locations.

The KBIM2-IS is fully welded from stainless steel. The membrane is covered with a conductive stainless steel shim to prevent static build up.

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APC Technology Develops Cutting Edge UPS for Defence Market

APC Technology has launched a new MIL-SPEC UPS, currently available in two configurations and with the option to customise based on a clients’ requirement.

The 3RU 3KVA and 2RU 1KVA MIL-STD UPS are designed & manufactured to meet the power protection needs of sensitive electronic equipment. Both configurations incorporate cutting edge technology but with a variation on dimension, weight and voltage.

This latest range of UPS solutions from APC Technology includes the integration of long life lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). Keith McDougle, Engineering Manager at APC Technology explained the benefits, “One of the key features of LiFePO4 batteries is the constant discharge voltage which offers higher levels of safety due to the simplification of the voltage regulation circuitry. They also offer a longer cycle life than lithium-ion batteries due to the nominal output which results in a slower rate of capacity loss.”

Additional features include:-

  • Input & output can be isolated from ground (earth) for Naval use
  • High efficiency (>90%) & low heat generation
  • Compact size- 3KW in 3RU including batteries for 12 minute operation
  • All metal construction
  • MIL- STD connectors
  • Mil-STD certifications
  • Front mounted controls

Scott Begbie, Managing Director explained the business decision behind the manufacture of the MIL-SPEC UPSs  “We initially needed to fulfil a clients’ requirement to provide a UPS with levels of efficiencies over 90% whilst still generating low heat emissions. The development of the 3RU 3KVA and 2RU 1KVA solutions came about after extensive research into existing UPS solutions in the market place and the realisation that no existing manufacturer was able to meet our specifications. It is another example of APC Technology taking the decision to design and manufacture our own solution because we are able to best meet the market’s needs.”


About APC Technology
Incorporated in 1984, APC Technology has long been regarded as a leader in the design and manufacture of cost effective, customised rugged hardware solutions. APC Technology designs and manufactures state of the art computer/control technology packages for industrial and military clients who have critical applications where failure is not an option.


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