ET4255-HL Hazardous Location

The KBIM2-IS is a full QWERTY PC keyboard with integral mouse for use in industrial environments. The unit is intrinsically safe, protected via safety barriers and is suitable for use in Zone 0 hazardous locations.

The KBIM2-IS is fully welded from stainless steel. The membrane is covered with a conductive stainless steel shim to prevent static build up.

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Industrial Shock and Vibration Test Facilities added into Innovation Hub

APC Technology is currently expanding their test capabilities with the addition of an industrial shock and vibration bench. This new equipment will enable in-house testing to qualify products during design, meeting standards & regulatory qualifications such as MIL-STD 810, fatigue testing and performance evaluation.

Scott Begbie, Managing Director at APC Technology commented on the expansion of their capabilities. “One of our primary business objectives is the ongoing investment in technologies with the aim of adding value to our clients. From our experience the industries we support require products to be tested to a range of standards which can involve using third party test houses or the alternative of purchasing certified products to avoid timely delays but at the expense of capabilities. APC Technology specialises in custom made solutions so we frequently use test houses on behalf of clients or for our off-the-shelf solutions. Engaging a third party can become costly and a time consuming process. The addition of a shock and vibration bench means we can now offer clients confidence testing of their solutions to a range of standards including MIL-STD 810, 167 and EN50155. By expanding our in-house testing facilities we will be able to provide significant benefits in the reduction of supply times and overall costs for our clients.”

APC Technology has invested significantly in the horizontal and vertical vibration high frequency test bench and the infrastructure to house it at their manufacturing and headquarters in Cheltenham, South Australia.

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APC Technology’s vibration and shock qualification testing enables you to simulate ‘real world’ conditions in a controlled testing laboratory. Vibration testing can be hard to see, so we have added some balls to demonstrate random vibration testing on some KVM switches.

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