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APC Technology is a public supporter.

This campaign which is being lead by the Defence Teaming Centre, aims to ensure defence contracts are awarded to Australian companies and manufacturing continues in country are showing their support byd supporting solutions organisation.

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The Challenge

In 2015, the former Prime Minister Tony Abbot announced Australia’s Future Frigates and Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) will be built locally. Although this is a positive step for our shipbuilding industry, we need an ongoing plan for our sector’s future – there’s still a long way to go.

Of the $89 billion announced, $50 billion could still be sent offshore, with no commitment to a local build for the Future Submarine program.

Unlike many other nations, Australia has never developed a long-term continuous shipbuilding plan for all naval and non-naval fleets. A continuous plan is the most effective way to mapping out our requirements in the long-term, this way, it’s best for industry, for workers and for Australian taxpayers.

Instead, our Defence equipment has been acquired on an ad-hoc, project by project basis in a a more expensive and inefficient way to meet our needs. The uncertainty and insecurity caused by the lack of forward planning has made it hard for businesses to invest into the innovations and technologies, and many have had to close up shops, affecting thousands of Australians across the country.

Without a plan, Australia’s shipbuilding industry is in jeopardy – as is the sovereignty, security and economic benefits that follow.

Find out more about the Australian Defence Made campaign.

Australian Aerospace Alliance

APC Technology is a founding member of the AAA.

The Alliance was established to enable Australian aerospace companies to share knowledge, improve capabilities and pursue opportunities in the global defence and commercial aerospace sectors. Members of our Alliance include Australia’s largest aerospace companies as well as specialist manufacturers and service providers. Our members share a passion for innovation and maintaining the highest product and service standards.

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Our Alliance offers customers access to a broad pool of premium, accredited, low-risk Australian aerospace companies that, if required, can collaborate on customer projects. We have a ‘one-team, one-system’ approach to serving international customers. We are a collective of individual companies that works together to provide our customers with a very comprehensive range of services at a competitive price. The Australian Aerospace Alliance is building strategic, long-term relationships with international civil and defence aerospace sectors. 

Find out more about the Australian Aerospace Alliance campaign.


Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN)

The Australian Industry & Defence Network Incorporated (AIDN) is the peak industry association for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) wishing to do business in the Defence and Security sectors. Established in 1995, AIDN represents the interests of Australian SMEs in the defence and security industry sectors by advocacy, representation and member services.

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In South Australia AIDN is supported by the Defence Teaming Centre.

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Dairy Farmers Association

The Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) is a not-for-profit industry association for dairy product manufacturers and allied trades.

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The DIAA’s mission is to promote excellence in the Australian dairy industry by providing a forum for communication, continuing education, professional growth, recognition and fellowship for all members, sectors and participant organisations involved with the dairy industry.

Visit the Dairy Industry Association of Australia at


Defence Teaming Centre

The Defence Teaming Centre is the peak Defence industry association in South Australia, with national capability. DTC facilitate the collaboration and development of teams to work together, strengthening their ability to win a larger share of Defence business locally, nationally and internationally.

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The Defence Teaming Centre’s members consist of Prime Defence contractors and small and medium enterprises (SME’s), which offer a range of Defence products and services which support Australia’s Defence capabilities.

The Defence Teaming Centre works with its members to provide industry leadership and business development to assist companies in their Defence endeavours and promote collaboration to build the State’s Defence capability, attracting and retaining more work for South Australian companies. 

For more information about the Defence Teaming Centre please visit


Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation

APC Technology is a CIP member.

Since 1943 the IICA has been leading the way in the Instrumentation, Control and Automation Industry. The IICA is an open arena for members to build their network & knowledge, to enhance their profession career and make some lifelong friendships. The IICA provides a forum to set the Benchmark, provide Networking and Education to our members.

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The IICA has a vision to be the leading Australian organisation which industry seeks to set the benchmark, provide networking and education to the instrumentation control and automation industry. The IICA is focused on networking, education and bench marking.

Find out more about the IICA.


Submarine Institute of Australia

APC Technology is a member of the Submarine Institute of Australia.

The Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) aims to promote discussion and research in the fields of submarine operations. Established in 1999 and now widely recognised as the premier independent source of advice on submarine matters in Australia, the SIA has a vision that builds on the upcoming centenary of submarines (1914-2014).

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To promote informed discussion and research in the fields of submarine operations, engineering, history and commercial sub-sea engineering – otherwise known as submarine matters.


The Institute initiates, supports or promotes projects that support this objective.

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