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Computer systems deployed in defence and security environments are of a mission-critical nature.  APC Technology specialises in the design and development of rugged systems for tough military conditions.

Situational Awareness is the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information with regards to the mission.  Our command and control equipment delivers optimal awareness and performance for the operator within a versatile ergonomically designed format, designed and manufactured to meet military standards.

Naval Vessels have unique requirements due to space restrictions and require a full understanding of the applications specific to this environment for any solution to be effective. APC Technology designs and manufactures proven hardware solutions fully compliant with Naval requirements. Fully sealed units with Ingress Protection (IP) for use on deck and large screen displays with touchscreens for use in control rooms are radiation tolerant and offer secure communication. APC Technology has the equipment that will not only survive but excel in these environments, which can be custom designed to fit your specific needs.

Our wide range of custom console solutions and avionics include: Military UPS, COTS, MOTS, BMS Display, INS, AHRS, Message Handling System MHS, MHT, RCP, Military printer, CIC, Radar display, and Inertial Navigation System.


APC Technology designs and manufactures high performance displays, systems and interface units for command and control console systems for use in air, land and sea.

Our command and control equipment is designed and manufactured for extreme environments of a mission critical nature.  Our designs are fully customisable to suit the most confined of vehicle situations or the expanded requirements of surveillance.

Our wide range of custom console solutions and avionics include: displays, keyboards, trackballs and pointers, touchscreen interface, rugged mobile laptops/tablets, MIL-STD equipment and rugged computers.

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