Rest assured that your rugged computer systems meet all of their qualifications for your severe environment. Just take a look at the following photos provided by our engineering team. They show a 15” rugged PC display being tested in up to 60 degrees Celsius in our Environmental testing chamber.  

We know our products will stand the test in your rugged environments, because we’ve put them through the paces ourselves.

Test chamber- how it works

The innovative humidification water bath humidifies the air stream within the test chamber, allowing for aerosol-free humidity control as well as dehumidifying functions.  The water bath technology is combined with a psychrometric measurement system assuring highly accurate climate control in an extensive climatic range.

In the air-handling compartment, circulating air is cooled while flowing over a patented heat exchanger and heated by electrical resistance heaters in order to achieve the desired set values in the shortest possible time.  These two features of precise temperature and humidity control will allow extensive testing for us in the varying harsh conditions demanded by our clients.

The man behind the machine


2012_environmental_testing_chamber_04 2012_environmental_testing_chamber_03 2012_environmental_testing_chamber_02 2012_environmental_testing_chamber_01

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