Hazardous Locations

Our approach to hazardous area solutions involves robust and rugged construction, ensuring flawless operation in the face of harsh environments.

Our rugged computers are designed for optimum performance in explosive or toxic locations in such industries as Oil, Gas, Electrical, Paint, Pharmaceutical, Explosives and Ammunition, and Chemical manufacture and process. Within the oil and gas industry we provide for upstream and downstream production facilities and mobile drilling applications.

Our intrinsically safe devices have been specifically developed for use in hazardous areas where an explosive mixture of air and gas or vapour is or may be present.

These certified hazardous area solutions provide reliable performance in a wide range of applications within Zone 0, Zone 1, and Zone 2 environments, and upholds the IECEx standards for Australia, which is now mandatory as of January of 2012.

Find out more about APC Technology’s capabilities and services within hazardous locations.

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