APC Technology’s in-house environmental testing chamber offers clients the reassurance that their products have been tested to perform in severe environments. Keith McDougle, APC Technology’s manufacturing manager was instrumental in the purchase of the technology in early 2012 and explains the value of having a environmental testing chamber.

What is the top three reasons why having a chamber adds value to APC Technology and its clients?

Environmental testing has always been part of the APC Technology methodology for product certification. While the in-house environmental facilities have been successfully implementing these principles over the years, the new chamber takes this capability to the next level. It offers us:  

  • The ability to perform temperature testing between -40°C to 180°C
  • The ability to perform combined temperature and humidity testing up to 98%
  • The capability of monitoring environmental test programs/cycles remotely from anywhere in the world

How is it used?

In three capacities:

  1. To certify all APC Technology products as part of the product certification program
  2. For environmental stress screening of new products as part of the manufacturing process
  3. As a diagnostics tool to fault investigations and product non-compliances as part of the APC Technology Root Cause Analysis process

How is it set up and calibrated?

The environmental testing chamber offers storage of up to 100 programs which does the following:

  • Ensures consistent profile cycling every time
  • Has a simple push button start with no manual intervention for operators  
  • Has the ability to program multiply profiles for individual products
  • Offers full remote or manual programming
  • Offers full data recording via network or USB
  • Offers fully programmable temperature parameter limits for additional product protection

Any surprising results?

Not so far!

What capabilities does the environmental testing chamber bring to APC?

It has a numerous benefits for APC Technology. Namely,

  • It allows us to perform full military standard temperature & humidity testing on all products
  • Offer customers full temperature & humidity confidence testing without the expense of test house certification costs
  • The ability to create specific environmental certification programs for individual customers regardless of environment or global location.  
  • It also allows us to perform detailed analysis/evaluation of new components before inclusion into our designs

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