The logistic challenges faced by any company, regardless of industry, have a common theme- the need to obtain greater efficiencies whilst ensuring minimal vehicle downtime. Find out how a fully rugged in-vehicle solution purchased through APC Technology could assist you in resolving these critical issues. 

Optimise the Supply Chain 

Transportation is an integral cog within any supply chain. If vehicles are not kept moving, there are cascading effects. In today’s logistics world, it’s all about accurate deliveries, fast turnarounds and high productivity. Shippers, carriers, vehicle and fleet operators require technology which can increase productivity as well as keep vehicles on the move.  At APC Technology we offer a range of rugged in-vehicle products, which can assist any company utilising vehicles as part of their business. The range is built to withstand harsh environmental challenges with key features including full sealed unit, touch screen display option, shock-mounted hard drives and IP certification.

Improved Maintenance Efficiencies 

Using a durable, lightweight tablet means this mobile computer can go where technicians go; whether that is under vehicles, in cabs, on site or on the road. Instead of pouring through cumbersome manuals or walking to centralised computer workstations, maintenance staff can instantly access drawings, specifications and parts lists via an easy-to-read, touchscreen display. Staff can then access the information needed to diagnose problems and instantly order parts. Service reports and other status information can be sent wirelessly to a central database without re-entering data, saving more time and eliminating the potential for errors. The end result? Service departments can reduce the downtime of vehicle repair & replacement with an outcome of increased efficiencies and cost savings by simply becoming more mobile.

Increased Onboard Logisitics

For carriers and shippers, every kilometre has a cost associated with it—especially with today’s high fuel costs. Drivers are no longer left to determine their own routes or fuel/rest stops. Today’s transportation management solutions require tight control of all these factors. The APC Technology range of in-vehicle products are designed to be on the road. They are resistant to shock, vibration, liquids and extreme temperatures, and can be mounted in a variety of positions. With a variety of wireless communications options, including WiFi and cellular—plus GPS satellite capability—vehicle operators are rarely out of touch. Product options incorporate drop- and spill-resistant engineering, long battery life and shock-mounted hard disks, providing drivers with a fully-rugged system that withstands the rigours of the road. The increased connectivity enables improved efficiencies through easy to provide routing information, increased tracking mechanisms and no-time delay communication.

Maximised Logisitic Data Transparency 

In today’s high-performance, high-demand market, companies cannot afford to be surprised by undetected and unresolved logistic problems. Lack of visibility and poor communication can lead to problems impacting cost efficiencies. Built-in wireless connectivity and daylight-viewable touchscreens make it easy for drivers to record and communicate the status of shipments and deliveries, giving companies’ real time visibility into the flow of goods and the availability of resources. APC Technology’s in-vehicle capabilities allow transportation managers to track and trace the location of vehicles- whether on the road delivering goods or in the mine moving materials. This means schedules can be optimally set to reduce loading and unloading times as well as decrease miles driven.

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