Designed to Enable Quicker Turnaround and More In-house Customisation Options.

APC Technology continuously evaluates new processes and technologies with the aim of increasing capabilities and services for our clients. Last year we purchased a laser which was able to etch/engrave onto a range of materials including wood, metal and glass. The aim was to explore its capabilities and evaluate how we could use it to create benefits within the design and manufacturing cycle. After successfully integrating the technology into numerous areas of our business notably within prototyping, the decision was made to invest in a larger, more industrial machine with the primary aim to cut stainless steel in-house. 

The new laser is now installed in our rapid development hub based out of the Adelaide Facilities. Testing is currently taking place with the aim to offer services to clients as of March. The immediate benefit will be the introduction of in-house customisation of some of our most popular solutions including the FT display/panel PC range.

Many customers currently have the option to specify the number and type of connectors they require. Previously the stainless steel enclosures had to be manufactured off site with the specific custom requirements. With the new laser, we will be able to design the layouts and cut the stainless steel enclosures on site. This will reduce production time plus enables us to offer custom options at even more competitive prices.

See the Industrial Laser in action!

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