Introduction of Employee Wellbeing Program at APC Technology Aimed at supporting Work Force.

 APC Technology has launched their company wellbeing program this month as part of a larger focus on providing a safe and positive work environment for staff. With a work force of 25 permanent staff as well as ad-hoc contractors joining the team depending on manufacturing requirements, the APC Technology Board have prioritised the introduction of work place policies and support programs to add value to staff’s well being in 2018.

There has been a growing interest in wellbeing with many organisations realising the importance of helping people stay well and seeing how that benefits individuals, teams and ultimately resulting in better business performance.

The WellBeing@APCTechnology program is being championed by office manager Hayley Turnbull who started the process late last year by surveying the staff to establish the areas of concern and the type of support the staff would like. This has been the basis of the roll out and planned activities for 2018. 

Hayley Turnbull, APC Technology Office Manager and Wellbeing Coordination explains why a well being program is important and how it is being rolled out. 

Tell us a bit about your role as Wellbeing coordinator at APC Technology.

I was asked to take on this role after management heard about the program by SA Health through the Defence Teaming Centre. I was offered training through TAFE SA and thoroughly enjoyed learning how to improve Health & Wellbeing in the workplace. My role is to  offer support and information to anyone who wishes to better their wellbeing and also listen and put forward any healthy ideas and activities people have that they otherwise might not have shared with their colleagues.

What is the wellbeing @APCT about?

Wellbeing at APC Technology is about giving our employees support in their search for a healthier lifestyle and happy wellbeing. The program is not about ‘doing wellbeing’ for staff- it’s all about giving people good options, advice and support. It’s completely optional to get involved.

Why are you focusing on this?

At APC Technology, we understand that an employee’s wellbeing reflects on their work. We want to make sure our employees are coming to work knowing that their employer prioritises their health and wellbeing not just for inside the workplace but for their lives outside of work. A healthy and happy employee is a productive employee. 

Why now?

APC Technology are focused on a company wide growth plan and part of our strategy is to ensure that employee well being is a key component during our expansion. Additionally the fact that the State government are providing accessible resources means this is a great time for small to medium size companies to be able to offer strategies and programs to its work force which rivals large multi-national organisations. 

Can you give some examples of the sort of things APC employees can take advantage of under the initiative.

We have developed a monthly newsletter for all employees which includes a variety of things from yoga videos to healthy recipes to try at home as well as links to handy and helpful wellbeing agencies. APC Technology has also offered the services of an Employee Assistance Program whereby employees can call for free counselling services on any matter that affects their wellbeing whether it be inside or outside the workplace. Its also important to ensure we are making a difference every day around the office too so we are offering free fruit in our break room and we’ve handed out personalised stainless steel drink bottles so that every employee has the ability to get enough water each day within their work area.

 What does the future roadmap look like?

The future for the wellbeing program at APCT includes a variety of seminars based around stress management and healthy wellbeing in the workplace. We will also be doing a full ergonomic audit and giving people the information on how to stay healthy while at their desk. But the future I envision for this program is purely to get people thinking about aspects of their health that they have maybe thought could use a change and have never had the motivation. Too often people put so many other things before their health and wellbeing and we would like for our employees to see that by taking some time for their interests and themselves will make them a happier person but also a productive employee.



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