Designed for use in enclosed harsh environments where diesel exhaust emissions can potentially present a threat to human health and safety.

The Pinssar diesel particulate matter (DPM) Reader provides real-time smart monitoring of DPM below 800 nanometres on a continuous basis by utilising laser light scattering photometry as a way of measuring particles in the ambient air. The reader is specifically designed to be deployed in enclosed environments such as underground mines, construction sites, workshops and tunnels, and in a wide range of industries, including mining, defence, oil and gas, shipping and transport.

Francois Velge, Managing Director of Pinssar commented on the origins of the ground breaking technology. “Through my work in the mining sector I discovered there was no continuous monitoring technology available for harsh environments. I believed this was key to understanding the level of threat in confined areas rather than spot checking or reacting to the more obvious signs post exposure. After more than three years of development, testing and a multi-million dollar investment, Pinssar has now launched the world’s first continuous diesel particulate monitoring system for harsh environments.”

To ensure the manufacturing cost requirements of producing the DPM Reader were met, Pinssar began the process of selecting a hardware partner who could enhance the design and manufacture of the equipment. The key features included a rugged solution that would withstand the demands of an array of harsh environments, the ability to design and manufacture the internal layout of the unit, as well as managing internal and 3rd party testing for international certification. Francois explained why they chose APC Technology. “During the development stage we commissioned a number of prototypes that met many of our requirements but we eventually reached the conclusion that an experienced hardware partner would be able to manufacture a cost effective hardware solution that was reliable and performed to our requirements. APC Technology are Australian based making it easy to work with them and with over 30 years experience in design and manufacture of ruggedised equipment, they brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has added value to the production process.”

Scott Begbie, Managing Director of APC Technology further commented, “Pinssar’s DPM Reader is an industry first and we are delighted to be the hardware partner of choice. The collaborative relationship with Pinssar has enabled our in-house engineering team to enhance the productivity of the prototype and build further on the initial requirements. We are looking forward to being a long term hardware supplier and support centre for the DPM Reader worldwide. “

Pinssar and APC Technology will be showcasing the DPM Reader on stand 3210 during AIMEX 2017. This will be held at the Sydney showgrounds from August 29th-31st.

About the Pinssar DPM reader

Pinssar’s DPM Reader technology utilises laser light scattering photometry as a way of measuring particles in the air, based on the scattering of light by those particles. The direction and amount of scattered light depends on the wavelength of light and the properties of the particles. The Pinssar solution is the first continuous reader and the first to combine a dashboard to allow for 24/7 monitoring data to be sent in ‘real time’ to nominated users, via smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops – anywhere in the world.
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