Mining requires specialist computers designed and manufactured to withstand harsh environments characterised by dust and high temperatures.

Engineered to top industry standards in ingress protection (IP), as well as shock and vibration, APC Technology recognises that every operation is unique, which is why our computing hardware and input devices are fully customisable to meet your needs. Our Intrinsically Safe rating means that our machines meet standards to be used underground or where high-risk gases are present.  Safe in temperatures ranging from -20° to 60° C.

Shatterproof fascia and a choice of human interface options such as touchscreens, keyboards and pointing devices ensure a turnkey solution is provided.

Mining computer equipment is utilised for mining applications such as dragline setups, longwalls-both under and above ground, remote harsh environments, in-vehicle remote monitoring, smelting and refining operations, and fleet management.

To find out about APC Technology’s capabilities and services within hazardous locations, simply fill in the form below and a link to the latest brochure will be emailed to you.

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