ET4255-HL Hazardous Location

The KBIM2-IS is a full QWERTY PC keyboard with integral mouse for use in industrial environments. The unit is intrinsically safe, protected via safety barriers and is suitable for use in Zone 0 hazardous locations.

The KBIM2-IS is fully welded from stainless steel. The membrane is covered with a conductive stainless steel shim to prevent static build up.

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Aitech computing equipment

Aitech is a preferred supplier of APC Technology. Components can be supplied as a stand-alone purchase or incorporated into a bespoke solution designed by our engineering team.

Aitech is a leader in the development of advanced computing solutions for defence and space. Innovations include GPGPU- based AI applications, cybersecurity for mission critical systems and small form factors for space environments.


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What is the difference between a CPU and GPU?

A simple way to understand the difference between a CPU and GPU is to compare how they process tasks. A CPU consists of a few cores optimized for sequential serial processing while a GPU has a massively parallel architecture consisting of thousands of smaller, more efficient cores designed for handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

The GPU has evolved into an extremely flexible and powerful processor because of:

  • Programmability
  • Precision (Floating Point)
  • Performance – thousands of cores to process parallel workloads
  • GPUs are getting faster by thanks to the push from the giant gaming industry

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