SL-88-NV Night Vision Compliant Backlit Keyboard

The SL-88-NV has NVIS-compliant Green B backlighting. Constructed in a small-footprint compact case, the SL-88-NV allows for space saving and mobility, while NVIS backlighting makes this keyboard ideal for aviation or vehicle applications where night vision goggles are necessary. The new generation of SL-88-NV keyboards are specially designed to have night vision-friendly backlighting that eliminates the “bloom” effect of LED lights. The SL-88-NV includes a secondary legend accessed with NumLock and Fn keys.



  • 12 function keys
  • 88-key functionality
  • NVIS compliant- green B backlighting
  • Polycarbonate case with mounting holes
  • USB and PS/2 configuration available

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