Sunit-FD2 In Vehicle Computer

FIX-Mounted In-Vehicle Server for challenging vehicle applications. Tough and light-weighted mechanics build on a geometrical designed cast aluminium technology and the purpose-designed electronic ensures long life-time even under harshest conditions.

Intel i7 Multi-Core Processor, High-capacitive In-vehicle Server with Dual-Computing technology for Client-applications when the Fleet-management calls for High graphics, 3D-mapping, Multi-video Streaming, Triple Smart-Screen technology and integrated 2-way communication.



  • Tough Smart-Tech CPU-Server
  • 3rd Generation Vide-temperature Intel®IVY-Bridge Core i7 2x 2,5 GHz Turbo-Advanced Multi-Core Processor
  • Accurate AGPS + Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR)
  • 3.9 G HSPA / 4G optionally
  • Up to 4 x PCI Express Video-Streaming with DMI-FDI integration
  • Triple Smart-Screen Technology
  • Sunit-TLink Vehicle-interface Application
  • 2x CAN-Bus, Data-I/O’s, VSS– and Gearstick sense
  • Stereo-Lines
  • Embedded Dual-Computing for Vehicle-Interface

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