Project Management

Project Management is integral to APC Technology’s business and essential to our success.

We have developed a comprehensive and sophisticated project management system with a proven track record of successfully delivering exacting solutions to our clients.

APC Technology capabilities incorporate:

Professionals and technicians trained in project management skills with on-going investment in training and development of our staff.

Supporting business systems and software that enable scheduling and cost tracking of internal and external project costs and monitoring of project progress.

Certified quality management systems to underpin the quality and value of our work and project delivery.

APC Technology has extensive experience in project management and delivery of customised computing solutions for clients in many areas. Our experienced Engineering team work with clients to formulate a project plan to ensure successful, on-time and on-budget delivery of the required solution.

To ensure effectively project delivery and value for our clients APC Technology manage the full project life cycle through:

  • Identifying project and client requirements.
  • Establishing clear and achievable objectives.
  • Balancing the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost.
  • Adapting to the agreed needs of the various stakeholders.
  • Identifying the project management processes most appropriate to the project type and size.

APC Technology identifies the work that is required to successfully complete the project. This will include scope planning, definition, work breakdown structure, verification with the client and installing a system of project scope control. APC Technology schedule’s the project activities so that the critical activities are identified and so that costs and resources are planned. The schedule of activities is used to track and actively manage progress.

APC Technology have certified quality management, OHS and environmental management systems that can be used to ensure projects are delivered to the specified quality, safely and so that the environment is protected. APC Technology ensure that appropriate human resource management, communications strategies, risk management and procurement management systems are put in place to achieve required project outcomes.

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