Rugged Computing Solutions for Industry and Defence

For over 30 years APC Technology has been working with clients from a diverse range of industries to design, manufacture and supply rugged computing solutions to meet their needs.

Every solution we deliver is engineered and built to survive a range of factors unique to the environment. This can include shock, vibration, temperature, dust, dirt and water. We have solutions already tested and certified to a range of industry specifications including  IECEx, MIL-SPEC, GVA and SIL and EN. With our in-house capabilities, APC Technology can also offer a range of testing services for solutions produced in house or 3rd party.

With a proven track record and the depth of knowledge at APC Technology, your company can be assured their rugged computing needs can be met. 

Click on an industry sector to find out how APC Technology can meet your rugged computing needs within your industry. 


A farm is dusty, dirty and not a natural environment for computing solutions. With over 1200 panel PCs installed in New Zealand farms alone, we offer clients the assurance of high performing solutions with the durability to last in the field. We offer a range of IP rated solutions, both custom made or off the shelf. 

Defence & Aerospace

Offering extensive experience managing defence contracts both nationally and internationally, APC Technology offers a range of  MOTS and customised solutions to meet the needs of land, sea and air projects. MIL SPEC and GVA solutions include mission systems, NVIS, UPSs, generators as well as sustainment services.

Energy & Resources

Worker safety, connectivity and challenging environments are common issues for businesses working in the energy and resource sectors. A comprehensive range of computing solutions certified IECEx zone 0,1 and 2 offering safety and performance. Ideal for mining, oil & gas and hazardous locations

Transport & Logistics

APC Technology offers a wide range of products for use within the transport sector including in-vehicle computers, mobile data terminals, mobile rugged PDAs and laptops, wireless connectivity, tapped-into networks, GPS tracking, and modular systems that can be expanded for fleet management. Solutions are also ideal for logistical businesses offering mobility and increased efficiency across the supply chain.


APC Technology offers a range of computer technology that operates train control systems are of a mission-critical nature. Through our partner network, APC Technology is able to offer a packaged solution for train-control management. Capabilities include  Interaction through HMI platforms including displays and Panel PCs, communication via wide coverage modem and system control options.

Food & Beverage Processing

Offering a range of F&B solutions designed and manufactured to protection standard IP66, fully sealed, rated to +60° C and available with sealed connectors eliminating all gaps and surface collection points. Our rugged computing equipment the ideal solution for hot wash applications and processing environments where dust and liquids are present.


Medical facilities face strict legislation on hygiene requirements with the aim to minimise cross contamination. At APC Technology we understand the need for equipment that can perform and also meet hygiene standards. We offer a range of solutions designed to perform in sterile environments with features such as antimicrobial surface, glove-sensitive multi touch functionality, fully sealed and manufactured to be cleaned with medical grade disinfectant. 



The production of pharmaceuticals involves extensive process and control plus the need for a highly sterile area. At APC Technology offer a range of equipment that offers market-leading processing power, a range of connectivity options plus meets the hygiene standards required. Our range of solutions include features such as antimicrobial surface, glove-sensitive multi touch functionality and the assurance of certification to medical rated standards. 


Industry Not Listed?

Customised Solutions To Met Your Company’s Requirements.

With over 30 years in business, APC Technology has developed extensive skills and capabilities enabling growth into many industry sectors. If your sector is not listed, it doesn’t mean we can’t assist your company. We have provided market-leading rugged technology to thousands of customers. Review some of our customised projects or check out off the shelf solutions available.  

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