How long can a rugged computer be constantly sprayed with water?

Our interactive demo, designed for tradeshows has a fully sealed APC Technology FT panel PC under constant water testing every day of any show we are at. Visitors can use the interactive touchscreen to navigate around the computer and see the performance and durability are both a key feature of the unit.

The range of FT panel PCs and displays offer a range of industries peace of mind on performance and durability. With a range of options including connectivity, display sze, operating systems, mounting options and I/Os. APC Technology also specialise in the design and manufacture of custom solutions designed to fit the client’s need rather than an out of the box solution which you have to mould your business around. Check out some of custom case studies. 

Check out our video which gives you an idea on the set up and how much water is used. We will be demonstrating the set up at FoodPRO 2017 this month. Find out more. 



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