SUNIT is a leading provider of state-of-art In-Vehicle Computers, Vehicle telematics and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology for any kind of In-vehicle applications.

APC Technology offers the SUNIT in-vehicle range for stand alone purchase or integration into an APC Technology solution.

For over 20 years SUNIT’s core-focus has been the development and manufacture of in-vehicle computing technology. Their in-vehicle computers are used for many applications and across a wide number of industries. Typical applications are police and fire services, emergency services, public transports e.g. taxis, transport logistics, Warehouse logistics, road maintenance services, harbour logistics, custom/coastguard services and many other commercial & utility vehicles. 

SUNIT on board computers are produced fulfilling vehicle industry requirements on the component level and being verified in accordance with vehicle industrial ISO, IEC and EMC standards.

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