Transport & Logistics

APC Technology understands the diversity required for computing solutions within the Transport and Logistics industry.  

Which is why we offer a wide range of products for use in your network including in-vehicle computers, mobile data terminals, mobile rugged PDAs and laptops, wireless connectivity, tapped-into networks, gps tracking, and modular systems that can be expanded for fleet management.

Compact in-vehicle computers feature a variety of human interface options (HMI) such as touchscreens, keyboards and pointing devices to ensure a turnkey solution can be provided to fully meet your needs.

Our products are engineered to top industry standards in ingress protection (IP), as well as shock and vibration, are compact and light-weight, safe from -20° to 60° C, Ctech certified, customisable, and last 2-3 times longer than competitor products.

Our industrial design specialists will be happy to answer any questions.

Using the right mix of technology from APC Technology in your operation allows easy flow of information between devices and systems to facilitate the transfer of data and optimise business operations.

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