Zone 1 tablet put to the Test at special forces tactical training centre in Georgia, USA.

APC Technology’s Regional Sales Manager Ken Duldig recently joined distributors and resellers from around the world to attend Operation Convergent Response (OCR2017) at the Guardian Centers in Georgia. The event, hosted by Aegex Technologies in conjunction with partner industry experts, aimed to demonstrate and present how new methods of capturing data even in hazardous areas can increase efficiency and safety. Ken explained why this conference was particularly unique in comparison to similar events. 

 The Guardian Centre is a 800-acre tactical training facility used by special forces, law enforcement agencies and disaster recovery teams to gain valuable practical skills in the management of significant environmental events and terrorist situations. The OCR conference provided the opportunity to witness firsthand the power of emerging IoT technologies applicable to hazardous locations. More than 400 corporate and government attendees witnessed a range of scenarios using IoT sensors, advanced communications, robotics, artificial intelligence and more. Each visitor experienced how technology and innovation investment can bring big data to life while offering value for daily operations, as well as in extreme situations. 

The staged disasters included terrorist attacks, floods, earthquakes and industrial catastrophes. Each scenario was made to be as real as possible, set amongst flooded houses, subway train collisions, multi-story building collapses and mass vehicle collisions. Each scenario featured the Aegex Zone 1 tablet, demonstrating its effectiveness in reading, storing and transmitting vital data which can be used to trigger machine learning and improve the effectiveness of operations in hazardous locations. 

Presentations from a host of partners included IBM, Microsoft, Verizon and Nokia which demonstrated a collaborative approach with AEGEX, further supporting their role in the IoT space. Conference participants were also given the opportunity to take on challenges such as repelling from a multi-story building and firing assault rifles (with real ammunition), which added to the realism of the event.

On reflection, the conference was unlike any other I have been to because of the addition of first hand experience. This enabled all the attendees to see ample demonstration of the zone 1 tablet’s capabilities and the real life benefits. At APC Technology, we always test any third party solutions we incorporate into our product portfolio. This opportunity to see the Aegex solution in the field reconfirms our belief that it is one of the best tablets currently on the market for hazardous environments. 

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