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With over 30 years’ experience in product design and manufacture, APC Technology is well placed to provide long term sustainment of both its own product and those of third party manufacturers.

Success through Planning

The development of sustainment solutions will realise the greatest benefits when commenced early in the design phase of the equipment acquisition lifecycle. During this stage there is the opportunity to consider the cost of whole life ownership and incorporate a plan to transition into sustainment. The level of support as well as operational expectations can be set from the start of the project to ensure product longevity and return on investment.

At APC Technology we offer a range of sustainment options to our current clients. For those companies who require a sustainment solution for anexisting product, APC Technology can also offer services to achieve a sustainment plan. 

Obsolescence Management

Using statistical & field data, our resident reliability experts can work with clients to determine the optimal logistics scenario to suit their specific operational requirements. APC Technology offers a critical spare parts services designed to assist with minimising maintenance downtime through the management of critical components. Spares are stored in quarantined areas and can be routinely checked or exercised to ensure full operation when needed.


Logistics Support

Whether it is hardware, software or compatibility issues our dedicated engineering and service departments provide front line support to our diverse client base. With decades of experience APC Technology has acquired a knowledge bank that spans current technology all the way back to old legacy systems.

Hardware and Software Support

In the event that an obsolescence issue cannot be satisfactorily addressed, our engineering department will work with a client to design a form, fit and function replacement that will provide a seamless upgrade path. During this process a technology refresh bringing the latest innovations and technological advances to the upgraded product would be conducted. APCT will also assess any impact on certifications and handle these as required. This process is also applicable should you have an existing product from another supplier that requires support.

hardware-software-supportRedesign/Reverse Engineering

All APC Technology products are designed using industrial components with a known long road map sourced from our proven supply chain. When end of life notices are received, the APCT service team will immediately inform relevant customers and develop the optimum plan to mitigate the issue.


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