ET4255-HL Hazardous Location

The KBIM2-IS is a full QWERTY PC keyboard with integral mouse for use in industrial environments. The unit is intrinsically safe, protected via safety barriers and is suitable for use in Zone 0 hazardous locations.

The KBIM2-IS is fully welded from stainless steel. The membrane is covered with a conductive stainless steel shim to prevent static build up.

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Product Prototyping

Our integrated approach to the design process incorporates rigorous the option to include prototyping and testing phases. This means we never miss an opportunity to improve the products we develop, and ensure ongoing optimum performance.

Our in-house prototyping capabilities enables the creation of your concept to gain input and insight into how the product works and provides the opportunity to address any pain points.

Prototyping enables our engineers & customers to efficiently iterate, test, and validate designs early on, leading to final products that work better and require little to no last minute reworking when the product goes into mass production.

Our prototyping capabilities

Prototyping today is easier, faster, and more accurate than ever before—all at a substantially lower cost. APC Technology’s prototyping capabilities give us the ability to progress from concept to sample in a matter of hours. Our current in house capabilities include:

  • 3D printing in ABS
  • Industrial laser cutting and engraving
  • Machining
  • Fabrication
  • Powdercoating
  • Prototyping can be carried out in plastic, wood, mild steel, stainless steel

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